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Letter from our President

January 24, 2022


We survived COVID.  I’m very excited to announce that we had a good year in 2021.  We are financially back to where we were before COVID.  Having Bingos on Mondays and Fridays was a big contributor to our success.  This is a great achievement for the Monaca Turners.  I would like to personally thank everybody who took part in making last year successful.


We held a number of events at the club in 2021.  The golf bash was a very successful event.  Our annual summer picnic, kids Christmas party and annual club Christmas party were all held again this year and were a success.  We have a number of events scheduled for 2022.  Those events are highlighted by the Jaggerz playing in February, the Medium coming again in April, hosting the National Golf Tournament in July and having another golf bash in the fall.


Our gymnastics program continues to be successful.  The girls participated in a number of events this year bringing home many medals.  We were able to host the Pennsylvania State Invitational gymnastics meet from March 5 to March 7.  It was a huge success.


We continue to try to stay ahead of maintenance issues inside and outside of the building.  In 2021 we replaced one of the heating and air-conditioning units for the large hall.  In 2022 we are planning to try to have the parking lot re-paved, replace the outdoor sign and repair the racquetball court.


I would like to again thank everybody who made 2021 a successful year.  We hope that 2022 is even a better year.



Frank Buffington

President – Monaca Turners



President's Report


2021 Events

  • Our annual summer picnic was held on August 29.

  • We held an event with a Medium on September 11.

  • We had the Dancing Queens of Bingo on October 23.

  • We held a golf bash on November 6, 2021.

  • We had the Jaggerz on November 27.

  • We had a Train Show on November 21

  • Girls Gone Shopping was held on December 5.

  • The kids Christmas party was on December 14.

  • Our annual Christmas party was held on December 24.


2022 Events and club schedule:

  • We will be having the Jaggerz on February 12.

  • We will be having the Medium again on April 23.

  • We were awarded the national golf tournament for 2022 to be held on July 13 14th and 15th. 

  • Our annual summer picnic will be held on August 28.

  • We will be hosting another golf bash.  Date and time TBD.

  • We will still be having the kids Christmas party. Date and time TBD.

  • Our annual Christmas party will be held on December 24.



  • The bar hours have been changed. We now open at 3 o’clock Monday through Friday and 12 o’clock on Saturday and Sunday.



  • Scholarship winners:  Thomas Wutter Jr. and Kayla Czambel.

  • We established new committees during 2021. They included the gym,  Golf Bash, National Golf Tournament, food and supernatural committees.

  • Bingo returned in March on Mondays and Fridays.

  • Bowling is back with mixed doubles bowling every other Sunday.



  • Our golf league will begin in April.  The exact date has not been set yet.


2021 Major Maintenance:

  • We were replaced one of the HVAC units in the big hall.


2022 Planned Major Maintenance:

  • Re-pave parking lot.

  • Replace the outdoor sign.

  • Repairing the racquetball court.



  • Thursday dinners will begin in April with a slightly different menu.

  • Friday fish dinners are still going well.

  • The kitchen is open on Mondays for bingo.

  • We are having pizza on Tuesdays.



  • During the spring, parents were not able to watch their children in person.  The parents were able to use our system in the banquet hall to watch their kids compete in gymnastics through zoom.

  • The gym hosted the Bronze Invitational on February 25 and the State Invitational from March 5 to March 7.

  • The gym held a food truck event on August 17.

  • The uneven bars in the gym were replaced this year. 



  • We paid $2,000 in Scholarship Grants to first year college students who applied through our college scholarship program.

  • We paid $2,225 in donations to local community causes. Examples include but not limited to:

    • The Brad Davis Foundation

    • Beaver County Chapter, American Cancer & Heart Association

    • John A. Antoline Memorial Foundation

    • Center Township, Monaca Borough Fire Departments

    • United Way of Beaver County

    • Many other local school sports and Municiple activities


  • Monaca Turners supports the community in paying over $43,000.00 annually in property and school taxes.


For the good of the order:

  • We lost a lot of members this year due to many factors.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of our families that lost a loved one.

  • Thank you to everyone that helped this year. It’s greatly appreciated.


2022 Meeting dates: All meetings begin at 7:00 pm.

  • Tuesday, January 18

  • Tuesday, February 15

  • Tuesday, March 15

  • Tuesday, April 19

  • Tuesday, May 17

  • Tuesday, June 21

  • Tuesday, July 19

  • Tuesday, August 16

  • Tuesday, September 20

  • Tuesday, October 18

  • Tuesday, November 15

  • Tuesday, December 20